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Why I am running for Boulder City Council

Terri Brncic
Terri Brncic (pronounced Burn-Chich)

Action Over Ideology

I moved to Boulder nine years ago from San Francisco. My background is in accounting and finance, so I never expected to be running for city government. But my boys are students at Boulder High School and over the past year, I became increasingly alarmed by the reports I was getting from them about the areas around their school. So I joined several other BHS parents in successfully putting the Safe Zones 4 Kids initiative on the ballot.


Through my work on Safe Zones, I had the opportunity to really “get under the hood” of our city government and assess what’s going on. What I found was pretty troubling. The city is facing serious challenges - particularly around public safety and homelessness - and yet we seem to be more focused on ideological arguments rather than meaningful solutions.


In order to tackle these hard problems, we need disciplined leaders who will foster an environment of responsible decision-making. Pragmatic leaders that can define a problem, craft a solution based on concrete data, stay relentlessly focused on outcomes and be willing to change course when things aren't working. I decided to run because I believe that with my background as a CFO, I can bring a data-driven and solutions-oriented perspective to the council with a commitment to compassionate and accountable leadership.

What I can offer as a council member:

  • a balanced perspective that prioritizes spending on effective outcomes over generic ideologies

  • a pragmatic, data-driven approach to the intersecting issues of public safety, homelessness and affordable housing

  • an emphasis on improving services and well-being for all Boulder residents

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate

Boulder is lucky to have Terri running for Council. Terri’s passion for community shines through in her frank assessment of existing challenges, her dogged pursuit of reliable information, and her pragmatic solutions that work to lift all boats. Vote for Terri - I’m sure going to!

Sam Weaver

Former Boulder Mayor

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