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When it comes to local elections, personal recommendations from trusted sources are critical in shaping voters' decisions. When individuals see respected community members like you lending their support, it inspires them to take a closer look at my platform, engage in discussions about the issues, and actively participate in the democratic process. Your support is invaluable and I sincerely thank all of the community members who have endorsed my campaign.

Endorsements from Groups and Organizations

think boulder
martin acres association
Boulder elevated
Colorado Restaurant Association-boulder
common sense action for Boulder
safer Boulder

Endorsements from Current and Former Elected Officials 

Terri is someone who is smart enough to find solutions, who cares enough to follow through, and who has the charisma to bring other people along. She is exactly who we are missing on Boulder's City Council.

Bob Yates

Terri gets it. She understands what is not working, and will move us toward practical solutions that actually address the problems of public safety, affordable housing and homelessness. We need to move beyond posturing, and start to provide the community with answers. Terri will do it.

Mark Wallach

Mark Wallach
Boulder Mayor Pro Tem

Tara Winer
Boulder City Council Member

Bob Yates
Boulder City Council Member
2023 Mayoral Candidate

Cindy Carlisle
Former Boulder City Council Member
Former CU Regent 

Allyn Feinberg

Former Boulder City Council Member

Crystal Gray
Former Boulder City Council Member

Edie Hooton
Former State Representative

Lisa Morzel
Former Boulder Mayor Pro Tem  

Susan M. Osborne
Former Boulder Mayor

Steve Pomerance
Former Boulder City Council Member

Gordon Riggle
Former Boulder City Council Member

Sam Weaver
Former Boulder Mayor

I enthusiastically endorse Terri Brncic for Boulder City Council. Terri is smart, knows our community issues well, and is a visionary. Terri can restore confidence and trust in our local government, something that is sorely lacking currently.  I urge you to consider casting one of your five votes for Terri Brncic. 

Lisa Morzel

Endorsements from Community Leaders

Enthusiastic!  Hard working! Knowledgeable!

John Spitzer

Terri will be a terrific City Council member.  She is pragmatic, collaborative, process driven, and focused on effective and workable solutions. Terri will work hard for all of us.  

Angela McCormick

Terri is bringing much needed ideas and solutions to our Boulder community.

Elizabeth Padilla

Michael Christy
Cannabis Licensing Advisory Board

Brooke Harrison
Member, Boulder County Board of Health

Geoffrey Keys
Dairy Arts Center Board of Directors

Angela McCormick
Member, Technical Review Group 
Boulder Housing Partners 
Commissioner and Board Chair

Stefan Magnusson
Forward Steps Board Member

Jenn Mendelson
Dairy Arts Center Board President

Tina Mueh
Former Boulder Valley Education Association President

Elizabeth Padilla
Former Boulder Human Relations Commission Member

Kristi Russell
Public Engagement Advisory Board

Lisa Spalding
Former Beverage Licensing Board

John Spitzer
Former Boulder Planning Board
Former Boulder Landmarks Board

Stephen Tebo
Tebo Properties

Hernán Villanueva
Environmental Advisory Board Chair

Deborah Yin
Former Landmarks Board

Terri's thoughtful and compassionate solutions to community-wide concerns are impressive. She is fair, considerate, practical, and a problem-solver with a unique knack for bringing both sides of the table together in the spirit of resolution and solution.   

Kristi Russell

I like Terri's pragmatic, data driven approach to public policy creation.  We don't need idealogies on the council, we need more people like Terri who will be visionaries and good managers of the city for all people. 

Stefan Magnusson

Endorsements from Community Members

How to appear
Jason Adams
Cindy Agnes
Gerry Agnes
Kristin Apple
Marina Bernstein
Ron Biela
Matt Bissonette
Kori Bowers
Chris Brine
Sandy Brine
Mike Broder
Betsy Broder
Jim Butterworth
David Campbell
Jim Carr
Jennifer Carr
Deb Casher
Leslie Chandler
Russ Chandler
Tia Cunningham
Alicia Curtin
Elaine Dannemiller
Kelly Degnan
Don Degnan
Danielle Diamond
Jess Dion
Brian Draves
Chris Drummond
Matt Dubofsky
Megan Dubofsky
Ken Dunn
Trish Emser
Ryan Flahive
Jeffrey Flynn
Deanne Fujii
Carol Futterman
Michael Futterman
Henry Futterman
Amy Gestal
Jennifer Goldman
Chris Goodman
Jeff Grayson
Julie Grayson
Sara Groem
Svein Groem
Ken Gross
Sven Haug
Marie Hauw
Megan Henderson
Eric Henderson
Nick Holmes
Julianne Holmes
Jim Hostetler
Jess Hunt
Paul Hurley
Lea Incandela
Craig A T Jones
Lynne Jones
Mike Jones
Anne Marie Kaufman
Bob Keatley
Terry Keatley
Kristian Kerr
Una Kinsella
Krista Koranda
Nancy Kornblum
E Kothari
Cosima Krueger-Cunningham
Kate Lacroix
Kevin Lambert
Kathleen C Landrum
Ben Lann
Tyler Larson
Amy Larson
Thierry Lepoutre
Beth Lesniak
Zori Levine
Waylon Lewis
Elise Longbottom
Valerie B Love
Steve Lynton
Kerry Maiorca
Patrick Marcoe
Evelyn Masson
Peter Mayer
Lyra Mayfield
Patrick McBride
Marsha McClanahan
Carroll McCorkle
Ian McDonald
Jason Mendelson
Terence Millis
Sara Mitton
Jeff Mitton
Richard Monje
Ria Mullins
Jill Nepper
John Neslage
Laura Noce
Rose Norris
Brad Norris
Patrick ORourke
Laura Osborn
Marcelle Partridge
Kerry Patterson
Scott Perlov
Steve Peterson
Shawna Peterson
Bev Pogreba
Madeleine Pollak
Bud Pope
Brian Posen
Jennifer Rhodes
L. Rhodes
Kurt Rinehart
Shari Roth
Daphna Rubin
Karen Sandburg
Heather Schmitz
Andrew Schwartz
Alexis Schwartz
Nancy Shanahan
Connie Sluski
Karen Sperry
Miriam Sproul
Laura Stone
Walt Stone
Mary Strynar
Mark Strynar
Patrick Sullivan
Meg Tilton
Angela Topel
Alexa Cleary Townsend
Jud Valeski
Jackie Van Someren
Nicko Van Someren
Jill Vidas
Stuart Walker
Chad Watson
Kerry White
Lindy Williams
Chris Willis
Ben Wolin

Jason Mendelson

Pragmatic, smart and a successful data-driven executive. Boulder couldn't be more lucky to have someone of this caliber run for office. 

Kerry White

Terri's passion and enthusiasm for making our community better is contagious. She will work constructively and collaboratively with others to produce very needed improvements in Boulder that will serve everyone.

Daphna Rubin

I have come to know Terri through our work on Safe Zones 4 Kids. She is tireless in her search for solutions that make sense for our community and commitment to everyone who calls Boulder home.

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