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Open Space and Land Use

Over the next few years, the city council will weigh in on several important land-use decisions that will have long-term consequences on how our open space and remaining buildable spaces are utilized. While it is too early to develop positions on these initiatives, as a city council member, I will prioritize community input and alignment with my stated positions when considering the following proposals:

Planning Reserve

Every 10 years, the city and county review and update the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, which serves as the long-range urban planning guideline for our community. The next major review is scheduled for 2025 and is expected to encompass considerations for the use of the Area III Planning Reserve - an approximately 300 acre swath of land north of Boulder that is available for potential future development. This parcel represents some of the last remaining developable land in Boulder and could be considered for an ambitious affordable housing project. Given the unique nature of this site, any planning to develop this space must be done in a thoughtful and collaborative manner with an eye toward making something “special” that is worthy of this valuable open space.

Airport Master Plan

As the municipal airport plan approaches renewal, the city is considering alternative uses for the property that can benefit a wider range of residents and contribute to the achievement of the community’s housing goals. At the same time, it is considering the environmental impacts of the airport and changes needed to address noise and air pollution concerns.  I think there is value to reimagining this site as a future housing opportunity, however any discussion of site conversion would need to address the impacts on wildfire emergency services as well as the costs to buyout of the FAA contract.

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