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Public Safety and Health

Our city representatives are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of all Boulder residents. For the city council, this means creating laws and accountability structures that protect our community in a manner that aligns with our collective values. I would like to see more focus on public safety measures that ensure we have safe and welcoming community spaces for all and more support and protections for our downtown businesses and workers.


As a city council member, I will prioritize the following efforts:

Support for Police Department

Collaboration between law enforcement and other community stakeholders is essential to promote safety, crime prevention and effective emergency response. We need to foster an environment that acknowledges and values the important work that our Boulder Police Department does in our community so that they can recruit and retain the best and most qualified resources to deliver this critical public service.

Adoption of a Safe Shelter Policy

Allowing individuals to shelter in our public spaces benefits no one. Boulder’s unsheltered population is 3.5 times more likely to be victimized than the housed population and incidents of assault, escalating drug addiction and overdoses are widespread. At the same time, these conditions have created a threatening and often dangerous environment for the surrounding community members—particularly our children—prompting the need for ballot measures such as Safe Zones 4 Kids. While the city works toward compassionate and practical strategies to address the root causes of homelessness and to provide supportive services to those in need, we must enforce the camping ban and enact a mandatory indoor shelter policy to protect our vulnerable residents and make public spaces accessible to all.

Effective Strategy for High Utilizers

While most of Boulder’s unhoused population is actively engaged and on a path to stable housing, there are some individuals that face acute mental health or addiction challenges that preclude them from seeking services. These individuals are disproportionately associated with repeat criminal behavior and frequently utilize emergency services and criminal justice resources. To deter this behavior, we need to implement meaningful and enforceable consequences that will provide protection for our community members and that encourage the high system utilizers to seek appropriate support services and treatment options to address their underlying needs. Such consequences should be compassionate yet firm, aiming to guide these individuals toward necessary resources and support systems while mitigating unnecessary strain on public services and risks to public safety.

Safety in Boulder is one of, if not the most important issue facing our city . We need strong city council members who will make safety one of their top priorities.

Jeffrey Flynn

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